About That Article …

There’s an LA Times hit piece that mentions me from about five years ago.  Rather than run from it, I’m going to simply explain what happened, as I did nothing wrong.  

Here’s what you need to know:  

  • The judge found I committed no misconduct and broke no law.  He also denied the defense’s motion to dismiss.  
  • I was never fired, disciplined, or had any negative action taken against me from the office or from the bar.  
  • No one ever listened to the recording, because once I learned there had been a recording made, I had it sealed and got it delivered to the court for safekeeping.  
  • The Deputy Sheriff’s planned and screwed up the operation not me (my name was on the record, so the LA Times irresponsibly named me, as they did not have the names of the involved Deputy Sheriffs).  While the investigators conducted an operation one Deputy was to make sure no attorneys entered an area that contained three defendants.  Instead of enforcing that order, that deputy left to go workout, and never bothered to tell his replacement of the high security operation going on.  When the lawyers arrived to see their clients, instead of denying them entry as the operation required, the replacement deputy simply buzzed them into a room where the mics were hot because he had never been told to exclude the lawyers from the area.   
  • The allegations that were specific to me, were made by an activist and prison abolitionist who wears shirts that say “the police are trained to kill us.”  She is so out of touch, that she left the Public Defender’s Office and went to work for LADA George Gascon as an upper level executive.  

That’s what you need to know about the false allegations from a few years back.  They’re just complete nonsense.